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Professional, Certified Home Staging makes all the difference when selling your home. Living in a home & selling a home are two distinctively different things. When you live in a home the focus is on your own personal tastes & lifestyle needs. However, when selling a home, effort should be made to appeal to every buyer who walks through your front door.

Professional Home Staging attracts more buyers by making the home “universally appealing”. This is achieved by neutralizing, repairing, cleaning, de-cluttering and focusing on the home’s strengths. It also involves downplaying perceived negatives, making the home flow smoothly, wise use of color and space & positive furniture placement.

Only 10% of buyers can see the hidden potential in a home. That means you need to make it as easy as possible for the other 90% of buyers who come through your home. Very often real estate sales are lost simply because the buyer can’t see past the empty rooms, bright colored walls, much needed repairs or all of the clutter.

Professional, Certified Home Stagers bring out the home’s potential and help buyers picture themselves living there. This leads to more purchase offers. A Professional Home Stager should be an expectation of any good real estate sales marketing plan. For most people, selling their home is the largest sales transaction they will ever make. Doesn’t it make sense to market your “product” in the best manner possible?